Eligibility Criteria

The management reserves the right to have the last word in all matters relating to admission.


For Admissions in Standard 9th to 12th student should be passed in the previous standard with minimum of 60%

Admission Process


The parent will have to approach the counselor to obtain the basic information about the school and bus route.


After receiving a letter of consent from counselor parent has to pay the fee as per the schedule stated in L.C. along with all essential documents for admission.


With above mentioned eligibility criteria admission shall be processed on a first come first enrolled basis.

Essential documents for admission :

A.) At the time of confirmation of admission

Admission form

Birth certificate (Optional)

Medical form (Optional)

Transport form (Optional)

4 (Four) passport size photo of student and parent

B.) At the time of commencement of the academic session

School leaving certificate

Original report card(Photo Copy)

Aadhar card(Photo Copy)

C.) For Standard 9th to 12:

Admission Form

Previous examination Marksheet

School leaving certificate

Aadhar Card(Photo Copy)

(Two) Passport size Photographs


For Admissions, Kindly contact the School Admin Office 

Monday to Friday from 07:05 am to 12:00 pm

and on Saturday 12:00 pm to 03:00 pm

For Admissions, kindly fill-up the online application form:

Personal Details: / અંગત વિગતો:

Health Information / આરોગ્ય સંબંધિત માહિતી:

Educational Background / શૈક્ષણિક પાશ્વભૂમિકા:

Parent's Information / માતાપિતાની માહિતી:

Profession / વ્યવસાય:

Provide information In Case You Belong To Any of The Following Category / જો તમે નીચેની કેટેગરીમાંની કોઈપણ હોવ તો, માહિતી પ્રદાન કરો:

Upload Documents.[Note : Acceptable file format is pdf/jpeg/jpg, File size must not exceed 300 kb] / દસ્તાવેજો અપલોડ કરો. [નોંધ: સ્વીકાર્ય ફાઇલ ફોર્મેટ પીડીએફ / જેપીઇજી / જેપીજી છે, ફાઇલ કદ 300 કેબીથી વધુ ન હોવી જોઈએ]